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Business Overview

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About our businesses

Courtesy of Bosch Corporation

  • Noguchi Seiki Co., Ltd. is a company that:
  • Manufactures diesel fuel-injection pump parts;
  • Takes leading share in the industrial market with high technological strength;
  • Collaborates with customers from the design and development stage;
    Approach from manufacturer's viewpoint
  • Believes that firm, trusted relationships are the cornerstone of any successful businesses.

Diesel fuel-injection pump parts

Since established in 1951, we have been engaged mainly in production activities of diesel fuel-injection pump parts.

Courtesy of Bosch Corporation

Our products used in various fields

  • Passenger vehicles
  • Heavy equipments
  • Railway vehicles
  • Ships
  • Electric generators
  • Tractors
  • Trucks
  • Buses

Our technology and contribution to the industry

Our “ultra-precision processing technology, weight reduction technology and cost-cutting technology” enable innovation of parts and components in various fields.